A Complete Guide to Sprinkler Problems

Sprinkler Problems - fix sprinklers

All that work for this!

There is nothing more aggravating that walking outside and watching a bubbling pool of water due to sprinkler problems. Even worse is thinking your sprinkler system is working fine until you wake up to a huge dead, dry, and crunchy part of your lawn.

Remember that there are several components that work as a system. One of the first steps in working out how to fix sprinklers is to identify what part is really behind the problem.

With over 30 years of sprinkler experience, I created this website to help take the mystery out of setting up sprinkler systems and on ways to fix sprinklers. I will break down each of the components into simple details and provide real world fixes to the most common sprinkler problems. In no time at all you get get your grass green as…well, GRASS!